Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Can Do It: Quick fix it tips on a dime

I recently broke my Mrs. Snowman, she is made up of 3 huge clay pots and she stands 4 feet tall.  I have had her for 15 years or more. The cats were playing and her head went tumbling to the floor. My husband super glued her back together and stuck a wood pole through her to prevent the cats from knocking her block off again. I pretended I did not notice the chips, but last weekend my daughter and her husband came home. Rea brought a sofa and chair to store here for a while. Then she hit me with wanting to rearrange the room, OYE! I got busy and was helping . We got to the moving of Mrs. Snowman when, I had one of my I know moments. If you know me or read any of my stories you know my I knows usually never work out well. But we ALWAYS do them anyway, OYE! I decided to roll her out of her spot, because the only thing holding her together was that pole, she slipped and went to pieces...heavy pieces with that wood rod suspending them all on my arms. My son in law came to my aid and was helping me in another of my I knows when snap... Mrs. Snowman had a cranial explosion. Her head snapped in half, all I can say is everyone is very happy that it was me that broke her and no one else. Now she had major chips and damage and I could not ignore it anymore.

I hate broken things. I toss them if they get chipped.
Why? Because I grew up with glued and chipped stuff. Elmers glue was my mom's best friend.
Sometimes her frugality drove me up the wall, so when I went out on my own I was determined not to have broken or chipped stuff in the house. Well sometimes bad things happens and things get broken, as a 50 year old mom of two tornadoes I have learned that sometimes you have to glue... here is a trick I learned while doing pottery.
 First I glued her head together using a new type of crazy glue called gorilla glue.
Once that set, I mixed up a bit of plaster of Paris and I smoothed it over the cracks on the out side of the pot.