Friday, November 11, 2011

The Transformation Of An Old and Tired Lady.

Our house used to be a grand lady, however she is old and tired now. Her winkles like mine are pretty deep. She was elegant in  1924 when she was new but her dress is a bit tattered and torn and her shine has gone dull. So this year when the hail ruffled her feathers, we filed a claim and was able to get the roof redone. This has been a long and tedious process, getting the bids from various roofers and the final approval from our insurance company. Finally we figured it all out and gave the company we wanted, Eagle Roofing ,our okay. However, it is like anything else hurry up and wait. We had to wait our turn for them to get to us. We have been waiting about a month for the roofers to come. So last week when the supplies showed up we were pretty excited. Still we did not know when they were going to come. Normally, we have snow on the ground this time of year and it is dreadfully cold out there. I was so afraid that we were not going to get our roof done this season. Then Yesterday we get a knock on the door, they brought a dumpster and will be here tomorrow to do the roof YAAAY....

But then I forgot so first thing this morning I hear knock, knock..bang,bang,bang and the dogs go nuts there is knocking and banging all over my head and I remember the roof!
So I go out and there they are, chips flying everywhere as they remove the old and horrible roof.
These men are pretty brave, they are up really high, on a place with a 30 degree angle that my husband hates to go.
They worked really hard and never fussed over anything.  
I couldn't get over how fearless they were on that steep and high roof. As I sat at my desk I looked out the windows and saw chunks of roofing fly by.  They are going to finish tomorrow. But when we went out tonight after they left, the ground was cleaned up and every thing was tidy. I would gladly recommend these young men of Eagle Roofing!