Friday, November 4, 2011

Sonic Alert Dual Alarm with Super Shaker™ - SBD375ss Review and Giveaway(Open to U.S. ONLY)

Sonic Alert has Generously provided us with a Dual Alarm with Super Shaker™ - SBD375ss valued at $59.95 for review .One of our readers is going to receive one also.
Tanya reviewed this alarm clock and this is what she had to say about it:.
Are you a heavy sleeper or have someone in your household who is? Do you and your spouse have different sleeping patterns? Well, both my husband and I have these issues, but I have found the answers to our problems…The Sonic Boom Dual Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker (model SBD375SS). This clock is manufactured by Sonic Alert, a company which has been supplying amplified alarm clocks, telephones, signalers, and personal listening devices for over 39 years.
I was absolutely thrilled when Sonic Alert allowed me to test and review this amazing product. Reasons being, my husband and I have two major dilemmas. First, we both are very deep, sound sleepers and somehow manage to sleep through our ordinary old alarm clock. Not anymore! The Sonic Boom has a 113 db extra loud alarm. Honestly, it can wake the whole house from our bedroom. But the great thing about this is that Sonic Alert has installed a built in adjustable tone and volume device that you can control for the times you don’t want to wake the entire family up.

Our second dilemma is that we are on different sleeping pattern/schedules. My husband has to be up for work by 5:30 am during the week and I am a stay at home mom/homemaker who is a night owl and likes to sleep in a bit later. This is where my two favorite features come into play…the bed shaker and the dual alarm settings. Even though I get to sleep in, I still like to be up no later than 8:30 am or so. With our old alarm clock, my husband would sometimes forget to reset it for me or forget to call me when I wanted to get up. Thanks to the multi settings on the Sonic Boom, we simply set the alarm for two different times (his and mine). At night, my husband simply places the bed shaking device between the mattress and box springs on his side of the bed. Once he is “shaken” awake, he then turns off his alarm, removes the device and places it on the bed next to me or under my pillow. Then it “shakes” me awake for the time we had previously set the night before. We finally have two solutions for two dilemmas wrapped up in one amazing alarm clock. We have reviewed this clock for almost a month now and it has never let us down.

This clock also has many other features:
· * A large LCD screen with flashing numbers
· * Adjustable volume and tones that you can set to your personal preferences
· * Custom snooze settings
· * The alarm and bed shaker device can be used either alone or in conjunction with each other.
· * A sleek design that will fit in with anyone’s decor.

In my honest opinion, this is a definite must have for the deep sleepers and the couples on different sleep/waking patterns. Well worth the price for a great night sleep.

Disclaimer: Sonic Alert provided us with a free sample of this product to review, and we were under no obligation to review it if we so chose. Nor were we under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. This opinion is mine alone.