Monday, November 14, 2011

Reaching Out And Making it Brighter

Sometimes people just need a little TLC. When I was in my 20's I was a single mom. I worked a full time job and up to 3 part time jobs all at the same time and never had enough money to pay my bills. Diapers were one of those things I had to have for my son. But I could not afford them.So remember especially in this economy, just because someone needs some help doesn't mean they are not working to get out of their situation.


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As the holidays approach, it feels especially important to lend a hand to those who need it most. Learn how you can make it easy to help out this season in this edition of ALL YOU's Inspired Ideas Newsletter from Huggies® Santa Diapers at Sam's Club®.

Add a worthy cause to your list. This year, there's something new from Huggies® Brand to place on your list: exclusive Santa Diapers that will help spread Christmas cheer. For a limited time, Huggies® Brand will donate 4 diapers to help babies in need for every purchase made of Huggies® Santa Diapers at Sam's Club®.

Find more ways to participate (and get free gift tags). Visit to discover more ways to take part, including a chance to get free customizable gift tags! It's easy and fun—and doing so will help diaper more little ones.

Help Huggies® Brand donate 1 million diapers. Through the purchase of Santa diapers and more, Huggies® Brand is aiming to donate 1 million diapers. Spread the word and help the 1 in 3 moms struggling to provide diapers for her baby this season.

Make a difference this holiday. Find out about more ways to help families in need now at

HUGGIES® will donate up to a maximum of 17 million diapers to Feeding America, up to 2 million diapers to select, local diaper banks in the U.S. and up to 2 million diapers to Food Banks Canada, one diaper for every pack of specially-marked HUGGIES® Brand Jeans and Santa limited edition products purchased (not tax deductible) and one diaper for each designated online social media activity associated with the program between 2/1/11 through 12/31/11. Information may be obtained without cost by calling Feeding America (800) 771-2303 and Food Banks Canada (877) 535-0958. In addition, through 12/31/2011, Huggies® Brand, on behalf of Sam's Club, will donate to Feeding America for babies in need three additional diapers for every purchase of Huggies® Santa Diaper packs and one additional diaper for every designated online social media activity associated with the program between 10/26/11— 12/31/11, up to a maximum of 990,000 diapers.
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