Monday, November 28, 2011

Praying Them Home

The hardest time I had to go through was when my son, a Marine was in Iraq.
The first time too many people told me too much and I watched too much news.
Plus, to follow their movements I tracked the unit via casualties lists.
I looked at video and news clips and made myself sick.
I was afraid to answer the door for fear of seeing the Recruiter and a Chaplain on my steps.
It did not help when someone made a condolence call to me because another
young man with the exact same name had died over there.
I cried all the time.
This was when I contracted Leukemia and I think the stress of seeing and knowing too much 
wore me down.  But I prayed  and I had as many people I could get praying for him also.
I had thousands praying him home.The second time he went, I prayed I did not even turn on the news
I did not allow anyone to say a word about what was up over there and I had all my
warriors praying again.
God blessed me, he healed my body and he brought my son home.
During both rotations I played this song, lit my candles and prayed each night.
Since then I play this song each night and pray for the remaining soldiers over seas.
May they all come home soon.
Prayer is very powerful, pray them home.
Pray for the healing of our nation.