Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Deals, Day and Doings

Okay first of all I am going to tell you about my shopping trip yesterday and why you need to be getting these coupons.

I first went to Walgreens and I purchased , (double pack),

(buy one get one free) (buy one get one free)
 2 for 3.00. Okay everything I got had Coupons, I had 1.00 off each of the lysols and3.60 off the vitamins .60 cents off the carmex. My savings 46.00 my cost 30.00 and I got a rain check for more St Johns Wort! WIN!

Then I headed to HyVee and I got 4         ,
6 ,1 ,
1, 4 ,
1~1 LTR, 1 , a rain check for (I got 3) @1.88 each.and 2 

my total ?, I had coupons on all of these things, my total before the coupons=$64.89 my total after the coupons drum roll = $6.10 =WIN! You can do it too all you need to do is clip coupons follow the facebook vendors and check out my posts! I am not a coupon diva I don't get it all for free but I do as much as I can!

Today I had an appointment for my mammogram and they did a sonogram as well and blood test.  The mammogram looks good and the other, I will know in the next couple days how it goes. I also got my shots from my favorite Doctor that I love very much Dr. Adams of Norfolk, Nebraska (Home of Johnny Carson!). This man rocks my world and saved my life he is a Nurologist, but more then that he is a lovely person with a caring heart! I poked fun of him but I was only having fun, I have nothing bad to say about him or his syringe technique and truly he is a wonderful person and I would never say anything bad.

I have lost 15 more pounds and all because of this man, my hero. I have a hard time showing my gratitude
and I have to figure out how to say thank you to him. I know he  understands what he did for me.
I don't know if he understands HOW much he did for us. He has Rick's and my heart forever.

I have a story to tell about my trip to Sioux City, Iowa maybe I will get to tell you tomorrow. For now I am saying Good Night!