Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Traditions in Our Town


Every Halloween you can count on certain homes to be over the top with their decorations (ours is one of them but milder then the other two) so I drove around yesterday and took some photos to show you all:

I did not get to go around to all the homes like I wanted to, I simply ran out of time this year, however I went to all the one's I know always do it up right...

There there is this home: About a week ago we were driving home when I spotted this yard and told my husband to TURN AROUND! Every since then we have been going by to take a peak at the progress.

This is the work of one man David Hillen,it is all hand made and he does this every year. Last year David had 200 children lined up around the block to go through his totally free Haunted Halloween done just for the kids. He normally has his side yard, back yard and garage done up also, however this year David had to start a new job. This was because the one he invested years in packed up and left the country, so he started a new job and did not have the time to do it the way he normally does. In fact David took a day off work having to find others to fill his shift just so he could do this again. However, He doesn't do the haunting alone! Nope, David has a cast of Ghouls and Goblins ready to pop up and scare the bad out of you (at least until next year)... David said he wasn't sure if it was always worth it. You know, doing this much work for only one day, but in my book it is, this man is a home town hero keeping the  mystery in Halloween. What memories he is building for these kids! David Hillen may never know how many lives and hearts he is touching by doing this. Those kids will talk about the man that did this for them for the rest of their lives. And who knows, how many of them will turn around and do the same thing.
Building a legacy that lives on is more noble then anything else that I can imagine.

I want to say thank you to Mr. Hillen for everything he does, and it comes from the bottom of my heart...never stop.

Another Spooklacularly BOOtiful yard is just around the corner from my home.

 When these folks do it up they do it big and every year there are more surprises with new additions waiting for the unsuspecting Trick or Treater.

All these decorations are animated and some even talk , Dracula pops up out of his coffin .
A motorcycle man is ready to wisk you to dark and mysterious places and there is even a full sized stage coach.

To get in, you walk in between the cats legs and out through the castle gates. Watch where you step though, I saw giant rats.

Be sure to avoid the Mr and Mrs riding in the death mobile,
it says free rides, but I am not sure you will get to where YOU want to go!

My home is done up right too but not nearly as well as those other two spirited families

Pumpkins ...double check.

 Maniacal Jason Pumpkin Man...check,check,check
Welcome to myWon't you come on in??? Mwahahahahaaaa
I try and keep it a little cheery because the little ones stand at the stairs with their mouths open staring in fear as it is. I often have to come out and show them there is no one there that is going to jump out at them.

After Dark it is truly spooky You can't see the hanging death skeleton
 just inside the front door.
He hangs around welcoming everyone by beckoning them in.
While Pumpkin man laughs wickedly and tells them to run away.

I live on a very busy street and while I saw tons of cars slow down to stop, there is only me on the block that does this so most keep going.. The first year in this house I had to chase down two girls saying waiiit I have treatssss... this year I got 37 trick or treaters and there had to be 10 of them not dressed up, insert sad face. Next year I am going to make a huge sign that says I give out good treats with flashing arrows pointing to the front door..ya think that will do it???

Happy Halloween!
Open your doors and give out candy.
The years of magic and mystery soon are gone.
Keep it alive for as long as you can.