Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodbye Nadine,

It is tough being human sometimes. We build our relationships, families and bonds and we hold on to them as hard as we can. But in the Masters plan we always have to go. We all have to say goodbye.

Some people are here one day and slip away. They are just gone from your life and you never know. But then there are those, that sweetly and silently fill voids in your life and you never really quite forget them. Like the sweet little men who never turned a hungry person away from their fast food stand in Highland Park, CA  later I learned that they were brothers who survived the holocaust. The school teacher that had a smile and a friendly hello each day as he walked to school. My sweet and dear Selma who was part of my daily routine. When Rose left me she left a hole so big I didn't think I would ever know how to fill it. I miss her, she was special. I can only hope that one day someone loves me the way I love her, the memories of her love are her legacy.

This year has been particularly hard on us, in February our Uncle Marion, Rick's jovial, always laughing uncle  left. Two months later, Rick's dad slipped away and now today my Grandmother Honey left. It is hard to say goodbye to so many in such a short period of time.

My dearest wish and deepest hope is that one day I will see them all again.