Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Like The Very Best Of Things?

If you like to have the Very Best of the Best you have to check out some of my giveaways!
If you  have never cared for coconut, this is the product that will change your mind.
You have to try the soup I made!
Tropical Traditions is an amazing company and right now I have a gallon of their shredded coconut
up for grabs in a giveaway. I have bought store brand coconut and thought ehhh not too crazy for it.However when I tried Tropical Traditions Black Label Virgin Coconut oil I thought wow this is good,then I was able to try the shredded coconut and I went WOW. it tastes so fresh it is hard to say it is dried out.I went through that gallon of coconut so fast it made my head spin. I need to order more for Christmas.Click the picture and take a look, enter and you will see for yourself how wonderful it is.
Neilsen Massey Bourbon Pure Vanilla
If you have never tried Real Pure Vanilla and only had that imitation stuff they sell at the market, you Have to enter to try and get this. I have had pure vanilla before but even that was not nearly as good as this brand. I am hooked for life and will never buy anything else. The fresh creamy flavor is soothing and lasting on the palette.

I have learned the difference in quality and I am thankful for these companies. I was also surprised at how affordable it is to be able to buy a better product.There is not much of a difference for these then what you would pay at the store.