Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coupon Corner

I left the house yesterday to do my Turkeyday shopping I had 150.00 and a bag full of coupons.
I am pleased to say that I did GREAT, not only did I get everything on my list, but lots more!
I only bought what I needed and would use, I only bought things I had coupons for and I did not run out of money!

Walgreens has some great deals,  Sport wheel cars for 49 cents limit 3, 24 pack of water 1.99, mac n cheese .49 cents.BUY 1 get 2 FREE 50 feet wrapping paper.I also had a coupon for 1.00 off Ricola cough drops and they were on sale for 1.29 = I paid .29 cents. Then I found pistachio nuts marked down from 8.49 to 4.99 and they have an in store coupon for .50 cents, I had a coupon for 1.00 off when you buy 2  this means I paid 3.99 per bag.I got Charmin toilet paper for 2.99 then I had a coupon for .75 cents off and 70 feet of Reynolds Wrap for 2.99 with a coupon for .55 cents off. Transparent tape for .49 cents per roll. I did not have to get fillers because of the multiples I bought so they took care of the coupon count! Win Win!

Family Dollar has great deals on coke products at 1.00 a bottle for 2 ltrs.

I spent the most money at HyVee, my total for the night was 110.56!

I came home with some money and my car was completely packed. I had at least 20 bags filled with food.
I had to clean the pantry and fridge out to fit it all in. I have to tell you I am in a great deal of pain today
but I am very happy that this leg of my holiday is done. My menu is completely filled we will have the feast we normally do. I met a young man who said that for the first time ever his family is not going to have the traditional turkey dinner, there is no money for it. That brought it all home to me, how fortunate I am to have the family I do, my kids got the turkey for us. Times are hard right now for us as well as thousands of others . If I had the money to buy that family a turkey dinner I would have, in years past I would have been able to. I almost was unable to do it for us this year. The coming year we need to work at getting our economy back in shape and this administration out of office. We need a strong guard in this country to protect our way of life. Blessings to you all.