Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coupon Corner

My local HyVee just started a new program and I am unsure how I feel about it.
On one level I think it is sort of neat but on another I think it is totally annoying and
a waste of a lot of time. It also seems to be a way to not give the promised discounts.
I will have to see if this is something I want to do or not.
Here is the deal, you have to get a UPromise Card and sign up for a Upromise account on line which is run by Sally Mae. Then you get the HyVee Savings Star ECoupon card and load your coupons on these two cards. When you go through the register they scan the cards and any qualifying items you have discounts for on these two cards. But you don't get the money off your purchases, you pay full price. The savings these e coupons generate are sent to the UPromise account and when you accumulate a minimum of 10.00 you can request to have the money sent to you via a gift card or check, you can also save to pay off a student loan or save for someone's college education. It is more like a rebate program then a coupon system to me.

With  my local HyVee Food Store you don't have a choice and if you want to take advantage of the Savings Star ECoupons this is how you have to do it. There is no one or the other option with them.

It seems really complicated and  a lot of people are not going to claim the savings or the cash earned. You would have to be super diligent and you have to let everyone in your family know the money is there. I mean is this something you could leave in a will? Would there be inheritance tax on it?

Sally Mae also wants you to register your debit and credit cards promising up to 8% back on purchases at selected stores and restaurants.

Sound off what do you think about all this?