Saturday, November 19, 2011

As Husker Fan ...

This is how I feel about how they have been playing...
I am not someone that knows that much about football, however I know enough 
to say STOP Throwing The Ball Away!
Martinez as shown here,should be hiding his face.
Why is Pelini firmly standing behind this guy ?
It seems to me that he is insisting on
throwing the ball into the hands of the opposing team, and has since last year.
I mean, he can not throw the ball so DON'T right?
The time to test and try new things is in practice not in a game.
Rumors have it that Martinez has been wanting to leave Nebraska.
I don't know the truth, since I am not in the inner circle. But it certainly would make sense.
The only reason I don't fully believe the rumors is because, if this is his plan who would
want Martinez if he is known for throwing games .
 He would be throwing away any chance to play a game he is supposed to love.
If  any of this is even close to the truth how come this wonder boy is even on the field?
It makes us all.wonder and scratch our heads!
So Coach, how many times must the ever faithful Husker fans have to hang their heads in shame?
Come on get him out of the GAME!