Friday, November 11, 2011

Are You An Angel?

I came across this Facebook page and I wanted to share it with all my blogging families.
This group reaches out and helps families down on their luck at Christmas.
Please Take a look at what they do and what they have to say.
Then look at the children who with out us may not have much Ho,Ho, Ho this Christmas.
I have been there and know how hard it is when I can not give my

Christmas Angels for Children

PLEASE CONSIDER BEING AN ANGEL FOR A CHILD ---you dont have to spend 100's of dollars! dollar store, avon stuff, stuff you make, samples, gently used handmedown,thrift store items,giftcards,snacks,used dvds or games,hygine items,stuff you sell...,friend & coworker & church collections of donated items,books,clearance items. lots of cheap small gifts are affordable & so are stocking stuffers! donate to certain ages groups or genders or step up & sponser a child or make stockings for kids or make carepkgs for a family. lots of ways you can help. And most important please share us with others. Every voice brings us new angels. 
Thank you and god bless.♥♥   

that would be great for care packages 
we have to folders of children still in need of angels 1 to max and 2 to max there are 60 in 1 to max and 121 in 2 to max, we need 5 more angels for family care packages
the links to my page are as follows 
Main Link Page