Saturday, October 15, 2011


There is nothing I like better then GOOD surprises and great companies. When they combine I have to say :
I use Mail Chimp for my blog emails...I love this site, they have tutorials and live help. I am not a computer geek kind of chick and Mail Chimp made it super easy for me to figure out all the complicated steps to get my service up and running smoothly...and all for FREE! They have paid services for bigger needs then I have, but for little ole Bloggity Blog the free is PERFECT!.

I always look at the mail I send to make sure it went out okay and recently I saw an issue with my mail not loading correctly for me. So I went to the site and looked around. I could not find anything wrong so I went to live chat, where I got to talk to Katrina... talking to her was delightful and she went though my mail sending it to various test email boxes that they have. She found nothing wrong with my posts. But gave me a couple sites to look at for tips and help and also told me that it could be the size of the pictures I am posting. Ohhhh.. that kind of makes sense because unlike most sites Blogger auto adjusts pictures without having to reduce the size of them... making them smaller makes posting pictures a little longer but not a real big problem for me.

During the conversation I had told Katrina how much I love Mail Chimp, we said goodbye she gave me some Chimp love and an EEP EEP! and we were gone.... After our conversation I did check out the tip sites and have been adjusting the picture sizes which seems to have taken care of things because I have seen better emails coming home!WOOP WOOP!

Then today a package arrived and I opened it... Have you ever had that Holy Moly feeling of utter delight?
In this package was this note:
Also in the package was a winter Kitty hat, which I will not share with my daughter!
Acoloring book which I will and a Mail Chimp Sticker and Temporary tattoo....           

Notice the temp tattoo she already used!

A Thank you note has been sent but I want to share the love of a Great Company with you all!
If you are looking for a great service that is easy to use..this would be it!
                                                   Halloween man wore the hat also!
The Mr even put it on!