Sunday, October 2, 2011

This day....

Wow... I am glad this day is over..... It seemed that this day was one issue upon another. I went to Menard's and picked up some GREAT DEALS! Or so I thought the price sign said 1.50 on some great Halloween decorations only they rang up for 9.99 and 12.98... so I went with the department manager to figure it all out, leaving my Mr. at the register...someone had mixed up some sales tags, must have been pranksters says the department manager, darn... I get back to where my Mr was, he paid and was off to Richardville.... no problem says the sales girl he cancelled the sales. So I wait in line and buy what I wanted to have anyway, when I go find that man o mine...he is staring at his receipt... yep there they were, not cancelled he paid. Only he left them with the sales girl and I re paid for them.... So back we go, the girl is gone ... MAN... I go find a manager and they make us bring everything back in.....problem is I bought 2 of the items a second time.... FINALLY, they just give me the refund and we are able to go on our way. Rick ended up late for work....YIKES!
                                                       Happy Halloween?