Monday, October 17, 2011

Textiles By Teal Reusable Snack Bags Review and Giveaway

My Experience:
When I first saw Textile by Teal's reusable bags I was curious... how could they not get soggy and gross? I was pretty anxious to get my hands on some of them . I wanted to try them out for myself because I  have been  recycling and a greenie before being green was cool. I use cloth shopping bags and have for over 30 years. But the concept of cloth reusable sandwich bags was something really new to me. So I contacted Teal and asked her about her company and how she got started, Teal had seen something like what she makes now and thought they were great so she played with the concept until she found something that worked and has been using them every since. Actually she has only bought one box of sandwich bags (her Mr. isn't into the cloth bag thing) since she made hers. That brought it all home for me...will I get my Mr. to use them? So when I looked for the bag I wanted to get, I chose it with him in mind ,I  picked this pattern:
Set of 3 Reusable Bags
  I wanted a pretty pattern for me but something not too fluffy because I wanted to get the Mr. to try them out  and frankly I didn't think I would get him to try the turtles or birdies. When they arrived, I thought that Teal's presentation was lovely and that this would make a great gift.Three come in the set, one for sandwiches, one for fruit or other larger items and a small one for cookies  or smaller snacks. I played with the bags a little, they are tough and I was surprised to find that parachute material lining...hmmmmm that is how they keep from being gross...I showed them to Richard and asked if he would be willing to use something like this for work and he said sure! He thought the pattern was pretty cool and he did not see a problem with using them. WOW!

 But the true test would be using them and I put them through the gamete.I packed my husband and I a snack to take with us. We were going to be out all day and I wanted to see how these would hold up. I made us  PB&J sandwiches and put them in the largest one The both fit nicely. Then I stuffed the smallest one full pickle spears and the medium size with celery ,carrots and grape tomatoes. I put them all in my husbands lunch bag and off we went.

 The  peanut butter and jelly that escaped the sandwiches stayed with in the confines of their bag and the vegi's stayed fresh, using these bags for pickles was not a good idea. When we got home I took them to the kitchen and washed them up in the kitchen sink using a drop of dish soap in the basin then I drip dried them in the strainer. Even the pickle juiced one washed up great. I am  pretty stoked about having these bags not only because the savings over plastic is going to be phenomenal but I also will be a little more green, less plastic in the land fills is always a plus!

Tanya's Experience:
I was so excited when informed that we had a chance to review Textile By Teal reusable bags. I, like Kim, also love bags I can reuse. It seems I can never have too many reusable totes. But I had NEVER thought of reusable "baggies". For me review I chose this pattern:

which came in a set of three (all different sizes). I really loved a number of the different patterns they offered and had a hard time choosing one. When I received my bags the first thing I loved was the overall simple pretty packaging and presentation.

I couldn't wait to use them, but almost didn't have the heart to take the ribbon off of them. The first thing I tried with them was simply organizing my purse. Well, maybe it wasn't all that haven't seen my purse. The various sizes were great for my loose makeup, medications, cell phone, sunglasses, and coupons for my trip to the store. Worked out perfectly. My second test was packing a simple lunch to take with me to my mom's house. I packed my sandwich, wheat thins, and grapes. They were just the right sizes for these items. No muss, no fuss. Next was my durability test. I poured all of our change we had saved up in our change jar into the largest bag, sealed it and turned it upside down.
NOTHING fell out. The Velcro held it all. Not even the slightest opening. More than I can say for regular store bought sandwich bags. Last was my cleaning test. This I was a bit skeptical about. How in the world do you clean cloth lined reusable bags? EASY! I simply used hot water mixed with liquid dish washing detergent. I washed them inside and out and laid them out to dry. I would definitely recommend these to anyone on the go. Not only are they attractive, durable and very versatile, they are also reasonably priced. They are something I will definitely purchase in the future for myself and as gifts!

There are lots of really neat patterns to choose from and Textiles by Teal also offers really pretty hair clips and key chain fobs not only that Textiles by Teal has generously offered our readers  25% off their purchases! All you have to do is enter the code "Bloggity" to receive the discount!

Textiles by Teal is giving one of our readers their choice of snack bags. To Enter all you have to do is give us your name and email address. The rest are optional entries but remember...the more you do the better your chances are! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Textile By Teal provided us with a free sample of this product to review, and we were under no obligation to review it if we so chose. Nor were we under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.