Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out With The Old In With The New UPDATE!!

My son worked for 2 days and got the old off and the new wood on! YAAAAY it is ready for the new roof WOOT WOOT.  Along with Chris, these two men worked in the rain to get the plywood up there. The new roof comes in on Saturday... do you think I will get the old man to get it up before first snow??????

When we bought this house 17 years ago the garage needed a new roof... and for 17 years, we argued about the importance of the garage in the first place... you see to me it is a glorified storage shed, an eye sore to the neighborhood and a plain nuisance. You can't park a car in it anyway, there is no access to it. To my husband it is a great piece of real estate that adds to the overall value of our home.

I feel like Scrooge with this one BAHHH HUMBUG! If I could I would bull doze the bad boy down. Two years ago my Mr. got ambitious and climbed up on the garage in the attempt to get the new roof done. He also did that voo doo that only he could do and got the thing to stand up again. You see it was so tired I wasn't going to have to wait long to get the bulldozer, because it was about to lay down on the job anyway. Well... he got the asphalt shingles torn off and discovered a layer of wood shingles and nothing under that except the beams....for some unknown reason Rick got stymied...I mean it stumped him so badly that he stopped! Which left half the roof off and a gaping hole in  it which allowed, rain, snow and all sorts of creepy crawlies into the garage... again I was hoping that it would not be long for that thing to come falling down. You see I have day dreams of what my back yard could be with out that monster sitting prominently in the wrong spot.

Then this summer my son ventured into the garage to find things for me. I have to stop and tell you that my son is a 27 year old ex Marine that has been to Iraq twice. But this garage had him spooked, I have never heard him scream like a girl before and if I hadn't been so upset at the state of the interior of the garage it would have been a lot more funny at the time.

I suppose it may be my son's love for me, or maybe it was the fact that he took pity on his fathers most recent surgery. What ever it was it did the trick and today my son climbed up on the garage (in the rain )and started repairing the roof, at one point he fell through a portion of it, but he did not stop.... he fought the urge to call it bad names and quit and I know he wanted to. Anyway, Brandon got the old shingles down and the new plywood up. Next week he plans on putting the rest of the roof on there... this must be a conspiracy because it seems that the only bulldozer this girl is gonna see is in my day dreams, it along with my mystical magical back yard is gone with the Schwinn.... Hugs and Peace~ Kim