Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One of My Favorite Places to Get My Shop-On!

Ever have trouble getting the baby to take it's medicine?
Kidz Med makes it a hole lot easier
and right now you can get this easy to use paci for 99 cents with FREE shipping
at Bens Outlet I have purchased from them many times and have never been disappointed.
Please know I am not reviewing them nor do I receive any sort of compensation for telling you about their deals


They also have this Wii turbo racing wheel and shooter combo for 4.99 again FREE SHIPPING...
I just bought the wheel alone off Amazon and I paid a whole lot more and did not get both pieces.
Nor was it an official Wii part.

Nintendo DS 4 Piece Pen Set $1.13 Shipped

Stocking Stuffer Alert. Amazon has a 4 pen set for Nintendo DS Lite for $1.13 Free shipping!