Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Monday, Tablet Time will be here. I'll get to offer you, my darling, lucky readers,a chance to win an iPad2 or $550 CASH! The giveaway is hosted by @, @, and @, and has 45 participating blogs. We all pitched in a little so we can offer this killer prize.

What's the catch? Well, it's not much, really, just a little leg work on your end. To win this giveaway, you'll need to follow ALL of the participating blogs via Google Friend Connect. After that, you can follow any of the other links as bonus entries, but all of the GFC entries are mandatory to win the prize.

With 3 hosts and 45 participating blogs--I know, it seems like a lot. But to win $550 cash or an iPad2 and its smart cover--definitely worth it!

So that's why, dear Reader, I'm offering you a chance to get ahead. Below the jump you'll find the list of participating blogs, and where to find their GFC widgets. Go, now, and start following them, and when Monday comes, all you'll have to do is click "I Did This" on the Rafflecopter form. Now who loves you? ;)

Ok, here are the participating blogs, in the order that you'll find them on the Rafflecopter form on Monday, and colored to add interest. That, and if you visit one color per day, you'll have all the links visited in 8 days. How clever of me! ;)

Each link will open in a new window. Note: if any of these blogs don't show the GFC widget, try looking for the blogger navbar across the top of the page, there's a follow link there. If no navbar, try giving the page a chance to fully load, or refreshing.
  1. *Host* Measuring Flower -Right sidebar, 7th block
  2. *Host* Tales from the Nursery -Right sidebar, 1st block
  3. *Host* The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug -Right sidebar, 3rd section
  4. Simply Budgeted -Bottom of the page, right corner
  5. Coupon Anna -Right sidebar, 4th section
  6. Crazy for a Deal -Left sidebar, 2nd section
  7. Libby's Library -Left sidebar, 1st section
  8. Just Find It 4 U -Left sidebar, about a 1/3 of the way down the page
  9. Cut Them Coupons -Right sidebar, near the bottom of the page
  10. The Frugalette -Right sidebar, about a 1/3 of the way down the page
  11. vB Hopper Mania -Right sidebar, about 1/2 of the way down the page
  12. Bloggity Blog -Right sidebar, a little down the page, below the calendar
  13. Coupon Frenzy Mom -Right sidebar, below Follow Me
  14. Just Married with Coupons -Right sidebar, 4th section
  15. Mommy Only Has Two Hands -Right (narrow) sidebar, 6th block
  16. Great Beauty Buys -Right sidebar, a little down the page, below Follow Me
  17. My Devotional Thoughts -Left sidebar, 2nd section
  18. Life With Two Boys  -Right sidebar, 4th section
  19. Granny Loves Gift Baskets  -Right (left half) sidebar, 5th section
  20. Money $aving Michele -Right sidebar, 6th block
  21. A Pear of Sisters -Right sidebar, 4th section
  22. It's a Sun Kissed Life -Right sidebar, a little down the page, below all the pictures
  23. Sooo Big! -Right sidebar, a little down the page, below the categories
  24. Crazy Life of a Writing Mom (EC Writes) -Right sidebar, 6th block
  25. MamaNYC -Right sidebar, 2nd block
  26. Full Cart Full Wallet -Right sidebar, 4th section
  27. About A Mom -Right sidebar, 6th section
  28. Simple-Homemaking -Right sidebar, 3rd section (Faithful Friends)--warning: has music!
  29. Something Swanky -Right sidebar, 2nd section
  30. A Thrifty Diva -Right sidebar, 1st block
  31. Acadiana's Thrifty Mom -Right sidebar, almost 1/2 of the way down the page
  32. A Little Inspiration -Left sidebar, 2nd section
  33. Life According to Damaris -Right sidebar, 1st section
  34. Grandma's Secrets to Savings -Right sidebar, 5th section
  35. Atlanta Military Mom -Right sidebar, 1st block
  36. Baby Coupons & Stuff -Right sidebar, 4th section
  37. *Me!* Graphoniac <--Just click this link, or see the top right, or 2nd section of right sidebar
  38. The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom -Right sidebar, 3rd section
  39. Mommy Who Loves Giveaways -Right sidebar, 2nd section
  40. My Couportiera Giveaways -Right sidebar, 1st section
  41. Shootie Girl -Right sidebar, 2nd box
  42. Cheap Junkie -Right sidebar, a little down the page, below coupons widget
  43. Savvy Shopper Central -Right sidebar, just below the 6-block of ads
  44. Finger Click Saver -Right sidebar, 4th section
  45. Mommyhood’s Diary -Right sidebar, 1st section
  46. Mamalou's Gems -Right sidebar, 1st section
  47. Crazy About My Baybah -Right sidebar, 4th section, below the subscribe buttons
  48. Worthy of the Prize -Bottom of the page--warning: has music!