Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Day and why there are no posts

My son in law found a car he wanted to buy but it doesn't run well. But where they live if there is a car that is not in proper working order it will be towed. So my husband and I drove to Lincoln 80 miles one way and towed it home.... It was also Husker Game day in Lincoln and some jerk tried to run over me while I walked across the street, he called me bad names as he sped past me(seriously, he refused to slow down and was a fraction of an inch from hitting me as he passed me). He was a college student.... all I can say about him is karma is going to crap in his wheaties one day and he will be scratching his bald spot wondering how he got where he is in life, this is a deep and wonderful wish for my led footed friend. I am a leukemia survivor and I don't move real quick, I am in pain all the time, I hope his parents are proud of the fine young man they raised.
While towing my son in laws new car home, me in the lead and my husband in the new car, we discovered that it doesn't have brakes and... we had to go up and down many hills to get home. YAAAAY.
Not only that but we had a parade about 1/2 mile long because as we headed home the Husker game let out so we had many impatient and unhappy revelers behind us...YAAAY. But we did make it home and now they have the joy and fun of putting it all back together, the boy  James purchased the car from, did not take care of it... and there are parts, pieces and assorted toiletries strewn about the thing.

Anyway my son in law now is the proud owner of a 1975 280Z and I will be posting what they do to it and how they do it along the way. He paid 700 for this beast and when it is a beauty it should be worth about 5 Thousand... Hoorahhhh!

Now I hope you forgive me and bid me a rest, I am a bit worn out :)