Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coupon Corner , Coupons For Troops

I had posted on this before and lost the addresses I had
So here is another group that you can send them to!
I have a huge envelope filled and ready to go, guess I better get it in the mail.

Their next Saturday sort date is Nov. 12th, but you can send coupons at anytime!!
Send your Coupons to:
Stretching Your Budget
147 Hicks Road
Lexington, NC, 27295
Attn: Maria Sweeden (coupons for troops)
3730 University Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27106

Actually there are several Groups

                                 Support Our Troops® 
                                P. O. Box 10
                               Weir, TX 78674-0010

You can always go hereOCP Logo  and  PICK A BASE.  Be sure to check out their MAILING HINTS AND TIPS.
Coupons for Troops The Happy Housewife Has been running this program for 3 years now. There is a form you fill out then a 3 month wait period before you can start to send coupons through her.

CouponsToTroopsCoupons To Troops will put you in touch with Military Families wanting coupons.