Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How We Spent the first day of October

In recent years I have done less and less decorating and fussing over the holidays like I used to when the kids were younger. I fell into a deeper depression then I realized over the years since I got sick. Finding the world of blogging and having tasks to do and research to accomplish has done more for me then anything I could imagine. I have come out of a dark cave and learned I lost years to a demon I did not know I was losing to.

Blogging and my dear Doctor Adams have truly changed my life and way of thinking.

So on Sunday I got my husband out of the house and into the yard. We decorated and got ready for Halloween... why so early? Rick has surgery tomorrow and won't feel up to doing it in a few days and last year when he did not decorate at all, I fell into one of the worst depressions I can remember. Plus the little kids in the area all mentioned that we did not decorate ( and a few adults also). Another reason we did it so early is that towards the middle and end of October  the weather is cold and often quite bitter and  the ground is too frozen to get the stakes in the ground... we are doing it up right this year. We are almost done. I only have a few tweaks left that I can do as my sweet husband recuperates from his surgery.

Here are a few pictures. I will post more as I get them up and completed....

Almost like clockwork as soon as we started the fall leaves started falling ( mother nature is helping to decorate this year! The Grave yard is simply GOULISHLY delightful, I also have some lights that go behind the tomb stones and other effects that I will have to get more pictures of year I WILL have a fog machine! mwahahahahaha