Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here are some more codes from Blockbuster Express kiosks
23SGLM4, 34KWMR7, 56WHZS3
58JRTW6, 68BPSP6, 73CEHW9
74CDJS8, 74JBHG9, 75DABC2- all expire 10/31
39HLG2, 89CEHW8, 82WHZS6, 42JRTW7
83KWMR6, 23CDJS3, 83DABC3, 76BPSP7
89SGLM5- all expire 11/4
Be sure to return the movies before 9 PM the following evening to avoid additonal charges. You can use these codes more than once, as long as you use different credit cards.

Thanks Mike at JustFindIt4U for this great find!