Monday, October 31, 2011

A great store!

Okay my daughter left her wallet here and needed her drivers license so we made the trip to Lincoln again.
While there I decided to stop and get some supplies at HyVee Grocery stores.

I discovered a GREAT SALE... but it is over TOMORROW!!!!!

 Farmland Premium Sausage is 99 cents with in store coupon (limit 2)
 HyVee Brand Saltines 99 cents with in store coupon (limit 1)
 HyVee Brand Butter  sticks or block (salted or unsalted) 1.99  with in store coupon (limit 1)
 HyVee Brand canned Corn or Green Beans 29 cents with in store coupon (limit 4)
 HyVee Brand Garden Salad 77 cents with in store coupon (limit 2)
 Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Soup 39 cents with in store coupon (limit 4)
( Pair this with the SS coupon 40 cents off when you buy 4 that makes this deal
$1.16 for 4 cans of Campbell's soup!)
 They also had HyVee brand Chili Beans and kidney beans for 36 cents no limit and no coupon required.

I took the kids and the Mr and we bought a ton of veggies, butter, crackers,sausage and soup, then my sons friend came by and he is also a starving student so I took him shopping also and bought a ton of this stuff my average saving each time I went through was 12.00 and my bill 3.00.

Darren also wanted an advertised special of a gallon of apple cider for 3.99 however no matter where we looked we could not find any, so I went to the manager who also could not find it. Normally they would give you a rain check, but when I asked if I could get 2 half gallons in place of the gallon jug... he said sure! WOWWWIES! I love this store!