Monday, October 10, 2011

Get your Swag On

YaySave!   I shop on Yay Save from time to time for 2 reasons.
                                                   1) I get swag bucks when I do and
                                                   2 ) I can buy as much as I want and it is only 5.00 shipping
The shipping charges makes some of this stuff makes it cheaper then going to the store and finding it. They don't take manufacturer coupons which is a drag, because that would just rock my world if they could.
Here is their today only special: They have this priced at $3.80 each
I looked on line and Walmart has it at 3.97 each free ship on  orders $45.00 and up , on Amazon they come out to be 6.35 each(you have to buy 4 of them) if you use the super saver option which includes the shipping.  If you bought 4 of them here and include the 5.00 ship this is still cheaper at 20.20 AND you get the swagbucks. I usually buy paper good and other cleaners at the same time. The thing is you have to watch because you don't just get the Swagbucks on everything and that is the only reason I buy on here.... I want my swag baby!