Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From My Heart

Today has been a rough day for me, and I am unsure how to
approach it with my readers. Most of you are bloggers
and understand how the blogging world works. 

I guess this is to the non bloggers and I don't want to offend anyone.
A Blog is a personal experience for each person.
It is a journal of your journey in this life put on cyberspace for everyone to see.
I do not get paid to do this, everything that has had to
be paid for has come out of my pocket.
Even some of the gifts I have given.
All this to you some friends but most strangers.

Today, I came in and found an extremely nasty note, about me, my family, my writing and my blog.
Then my co writer hit me with she did not want to do the blog anymore.
It has been a hard day for me,I take pride in my family and my life.
I worked really hard on this blog.I spent a lot of time and money doing this,
and when someone hits below the belt it hurts badly.
 I feel I do a good job here and I refuse to let some mean spirited person make me feel badly about it.

This is my blog, my life and my stories.
I respectfully ask you to be gracious and courteous on my blog.
If you do not want to receive my emails, 
unsubscribe. There is no reason to be hateful.
If you decide you want to be nasty,
I will ban you and remove you from everything here.