Wednesday, October 19, 2011


School Sparks believes that when children start preschool or kindergarten with the necessary foundation of skills, they are positioned to begin on a path of lasting academic success.

To help parents prepare their children to begin school ready to succeed, School Sparks offers printable worksheets, activity suggestions, a kindergarten readiness assessment, lengthy summaries of what skills school-aged children will be expected to have in the classroom, and much more.  Available today is some complimentary 
 work sheets and an e book located on the right side of the page.

          Downloadable 23 Unforgettable Halloween Party Recipes e Cookbook

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I have always wanted to know how to process a pumpkin and now I have a cookbook 
I can refer to in the future.

Crizal USA

Charity Stencils 2011
                               Complimentary pumpkin stencils, several to choose from