Monday, September 12, 2011

YOU CAN DO IT: Quick Kitchen chair Refurb on a Dime.

I re did this bench for my son 20 years ago and the material was worn pretty bad so it was time to re do it. I went to a local fabric store and went to the clearance section and found a really nice pattern for 5.00 a yard. One yard was enough. 

The key to the material you want for chairs of any type is a heavy tough material anything that is too thin will wear out quickly and is not going to be cost effective.

Tools needed:
Flathead screw driver
Phillips screw driver
Hammer (with the nail puller)

Rip Hammer

Staple gun and Staples


The item to be re done and the material you are going to cover it with and a clean firm spot to do the work at.

Once you have all your tools gathered take your seat and turn it over: You need to remove the screws and take the top off:

Turn the top of the seat over and remove any staples or nails that may have been there before. You do this by using the flathead screw driver or the hammer's nail remover

I leave the padding on there so it will be soft and comfy still
lay the material down on a flat firm surface and place your seat on it.Wrap the material over the edge and staple it down on one side. Then go to the opposite side and pull it tight, you don't want the material to be baggy and bunchy.

While pulling it tight with one hand staple down the material with the staple gun

Pull the ends up and while pulling them tight staple them down
You will want to tuck the corners in and staple them down also 

Then place the base of your chair back on the cushion, making sure it is centered and screw it back in place

Finished product: 
This took me 5 minutes and it will last another 20 years or more.This project cost me 5.00

I also bought and reupholstered 4 kitchen chairs for my daughter doing it the same as above:

This project cost me:
 10.00 for the 4 chairs.
     .46 cents for missing screws
    8.00 1-1/2 yards corduroy material.
 18.46-4 kitchen chairs

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