Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's on Your Walls?

What do you have on the walls in your house? I love art, I have a huge Victorian house with very tall walls.

They are covered with paintings, pictures and art of all sorts. I have old ones and new ones good ones and not so good ones anything that catches my eye or is given to me.
My bathroom has nautical stuff, ships, hooks, a ships wheel, ships in a bottles shelves shaped like ships with ships on em. yeah , ships. My den has my doll collection and old toys from oh I'd say late 1800's to 1970 something.In my bedroom when I was so very sick my husband hung my paintings with flowers and on the ceiling wind chimes so the fan could make them tinkle and I would feel like I was outside. The stairwell has family pictures.
 OHHH I found a painting my uncle did in the 70's on EBay how cool is that? 
The kitchen has antique kitchen appliances on the wall and cast iron bake ware. Very cool and very very cluttered. One of my dearest friends passed on she was in her 80's I got her tea cups and her tiny tea sets. So they grace my dinning room along with a some samplers, I have one from my great grandmother, my mother in law, my mother and one of mine. All I need is one from my daughter.