Friday, September 30, 2011

What Other Blogs Do:

I love to enter other blog giveaways  when I win one it makes me feel special
and that is always a great thing. Momma Told me is one of my favorites.
She has a lot of giveaways I entered. If you want to here are the links!
Go check them out!

I love giveaways. I love winning and I love cookies so
this was an easy choice for me, if you want a chance to win go to:
The Freebie Junkie Betty Crocker Molasses Cookie Giveaway

Granny Loves Gift Baskets has a few giveaways going
I entered them all ! If you want to also here are the links to get you to them:

This one was particularly interesting to me:

Kim and Scotts Gormet Pretzels
win them here at Granny Loves Gift Baskets