Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Spooky Decorations

I found these decorations in another blog, they are accumulated
from various publications to which I called and requested permission to republish.
I am not in anyway saying these are my original ideas and because they are crafting idea's I have to repost them with the exact instructions or...they wouldn't be these crafting idea's if you think that posting these are a bad idea I am very sorry I love them and I got the A OKAY on them.

My comments on them:
I always decorate but my decorations fall short of these super easy, very polished decorations. I actually see a couple that I am going to do if not this year then next because I need to save some milk jugs!

Spiderweb Doormat

Lure visitors with a spiderweb doormat. 
STEP ONE Purchase an indoor/outdoor needle-punch carpet To turn it into a circle: Mark the rug's center point with a Prismacolor white-colored pencil. Measure and mark the distance from that point to a spot about half an inch from the rug's edge. Cut a piece of string to that length. Tie one end of the string to the pencil and secure the other end of the string to the rug's center point with a tack. Pull the string taut and draw a large circle onto the rug; remove the string. Cut out the circle, just inside the white pencil mark, with sharp scissors. 
STEP TWO Using a yardstick, evenly space and draw eight intersecting lines that cross the rug from edge to edge. Between those lines, draw arches around the mat, using our photo as a guide. 
STEP THREE Lastly, coat the rug with a clear finishing spray (Krylon Make It Last Clear Sealer) to protect your web from trick-or-treating feet.

Bat-Filled Entryway

These felt bats are easy to make and ensure your house looks extra spooky. All you need to do is trace a bat shape onto a piece of felt and cut it out. Repeat until you have a swarm of them.

what you'll need:
  • clean gallon milk jugs
  • black permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • string of clear low-wattage christmas lights
step one: draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs.

tep two: let your kids color in the faces while you bake a batch of cookies.
step three: using the craft knife (mom), cut a hole in the lower backside of the jug. about the size of a half dollar (or maybe a little bigger since i couldn't picture a half dollar).

step four: line all of your ghosts up and stuff several lights in each one.

step five: place your group of glowing spirit jugs along your walkway or front porch to welcome those cute little holiday guests. 

I love this idea! All they did was put pumpkins around the door then stick some branches in for affect... my thought is how would you keep those pesky branches from falling over....I suppose you could stick them in the pumpkins themselves....

The Tomato cage ghosts are soooo cool! I want to do them and you know what is upsetting to me...I sold all my cages at the last yard sale...I went to Topsy Turvey!

DIY Halloween Lighted Ghosts Tutorial 

Materials Needed to make 1 Ghost:
Wire Tomato Cage ,75-100 Clear or White Christmas lights,A 6×9 foot drop cloth (to cover the cages with),Black Permanent Marker, felt, or leftover fabric (to make your ghost’s face!),Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
Step 1: To make your ghosts not have “pointy” heads when you put the drop cloth on,  bend in the tomato stakes as shown below:
Step 2: For each ghost, wrap a wire tomato cage with your string of clear or white lights. Lowe’s suggests clear rope lights, but I think those are more expensive.
Step 3: Cut a 6‐ x 9‐foot drop cloth to approximately 41/2 x 7 feet to cover the tomato cage.
Step 4: When I draped my drop cloth over the tomato cage, it looked HORRIBLE! It didn’t drape well. It really looked like a piece of garbage, and not like a ghost at all. So! What to do? Bring out your glue gun. “Shape” your ghost the best you can – I shaped him with creases and hot glued the inside of the cloth so it would stay. I made him look perfect in the front, and glued together all excess drop cloth to the back (which won’t be seen, so don’t worry about it!)
Step 5: I used leftover black cotton fabric to cut out a face and hot glued them to my ghost. I liked doing it this way because I could see what it would look like before actually adhering the fabric. Don’t have scraps? Use a black permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth.
Step 6: Plug the lights into a secure grounded outlet. I made three ghosts and connected them all together, so I only had to connect the three to one grounded outlet.
I actually am planning on doing this to my pumpkins this year I think it is soooo fun!

Spider in its Web Halloween Decoration

    What you need:a Craft knife,Gallon milk jug, Black duct tape,4 (6-foot) black foam pipe insulation tubes, (1/2 inch diameter)2 plastic eggs and some Green tape
  1. Here is what you do:
  1. Spooky Spider - Step 1 Use a craft knife (parents only) to cut off the spout of the milk jug, then completely cover the jug with black duct tape.
  2. Spooky Spider - Step 2 To create the 8 legs, tape the center of each of the 4 pipe insulation tubes across the handle side of the jug.
  3. Spooky Spider - Step 3 Tape the tubes to the sides of the jug as well, to keep them bent.
  4. Spooky Spider - Step 4 With scissors, cut and remove a 1-inch-deep notch from the middle of each leg, then bend the insulation at the notches and tape the bent joints in place.
  5. Spooky Spider - Step 5 For eyes, stick black tape pupils on the 2 broader ends of a pair of plastic eggs. Tape the eyes in place on the jug. Finally, decorate the top of the spider body with green duct tape, and your oversize arachnid is ready to tape or tie in place on a front porch or door.

    • Bat-o'-Lanterns