Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Reveiw: Streekers!!!

I was lucky enough to have won a giveaway for a bottle of streekers hair stain, I liked it so much that I wrote to the owner and told her that if she sent me more to review I would write it up and you know what. She sent me two more bottles!
Maybe you are the kind of person who loves bright hair colors or a little vibrancy in your life, but can't go out and simply dye your hair the way you would like to (because of a job, school, parents, etc.). Well goodness knows I am, but I've tried stuff like hair mascara which is sticky and tacky and doesn't feel or look nice at all.
In comparison, Streekers is the light at the end of your hair tinting tunnel. I've never experienced a simpler form of  decent, lasting color. It applies like a hair mascara, even coming in a bottle that is similar in appearance.
Streekers comes in blue, pink,yellow, orange,purple,green ultraviolet and red

But unlike hair mascara Streekers applies smoothly and evenly, and after it dries you can brush right through it. It becomes as soft and pliant as the rest of your hair. The best part is that it remains a long lasting beautifully vibrant color. The colors I tested were blue, green and pink, my favorite is the green but the blue showed up in my hair color wonderfully as well. You could see the pink in my hair but not as brightly as the darker colors, because it is so light. I put it on untreated hair because I had already put the green in my highlights. The next time I try it I will be sure to put it on the highlighted areas first.
I Recently attended Lincoln's annual ZombieFest/ZombieWalk and applied a generous amount of green (my favorite color) to my highlights I loved the affect. The lighter your hair color the better it shows. If you  have a lighter shade of hair or happen to have highlights this stuff is PERFECT. Though be warned when applying to your bangs, if you plan on being active and sweating, it may bleed (much to the amusement of people happily pointing out you have a bright blue spot on your forehead).
Over all I love Streekers and plan to buy more colors and I will definatly keep the green in my makeup kit. I say this is a fantastic product that I have been looking a long time for. THANKS STREEKERS! For more information or to pick up your own streekers please go to: http://www.streekers.com/index.html Streekers also has a Facebook Fan page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Streekers/135563754455

*Streekers did provide me with free samples to try in order to write this review. However, their giving me the product did not influence my opinion in any way. I was not paid to do this and this review is totally 100% my opinion.

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