Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Other People's Giveaways

I see so many giveaways on a daily basis. I am going to try and keep you posted on the best I come across.

Baby GoGo Giveaway



10,000 Facebook Fan Give Away- The Cansolidator

pantry cansolidator



Custom Coupon Purse and Matching Wristlet Giveaway

Paste the URL link as a comment below.
Zoara Diamonds

First you go to their Facebook page and like them. Then you go to their web site and
find the perfect match for this necklace and post the url as a comment on their Facebook wall. Tell them who in your life is your perfect match and they will pick the answer they like best! Good Luck!


$150 Dollar giftcard
$50 Giftpack
Start Something That Matters Book

Mavens September Give Away


$50 Amazon Giveaway

$212 Michael Simon Clothing Giveaway and Review


REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: KinderGlo NightLight

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