Thursday, September 22, 2011


What is an Alexa hop?
An Alexa hop helps your Alexa rank to drop! 
The lower the Alexa rank, the better (Google, for example, is ranked 1!). If you do reviews and giveaways, an Alexa rank may be very important. Many sponsors will look into your rank because it informs them of how popular your website or blog is. 

How to I participate?
To participate in this hop, you MUST have the Alexa toolbar or extension installed in your browser (you need an account first). Only Internet ExplorerChrome, and Firefox allow you to install the toolbar/extension (click on any one of those links and it'll lead you to the page to install them for free). So be sure to use one of these three browsers while participating in the hop. is a blog for frugal moms who love their families! Discover tried and true recipes, menu plans, frugal tips, couponing, awesome reviews and giveaways, and much more creativity for everyday!

Here are the official rules:
  • You are required to have the Alexa toolbar or extension installed in the browser you are using while doing this hop.
  • You MUST visit the three hosting blogs -- Measuring FlowerMommy Mind Spa, and Aubut Family. Let us know you visited and we'll visit back!
  • Add a link to the MAIN PAGE of your FAMILY-FRIENDLY blog to the list below.
  • DO NOT link to a specific post or to a giveaway or linky list.
  • Try to visit at least three other blogs besides the hostesses'. Be sure to leave the blogs you visit a note saying you visited and leave your URL so they can visit you back.
  • Visit as many other blogs as you can.
  • Since you're hopping, feel free to follow the other blogs too one way or another (be sure to mention you followed).
  • Be sure to visit back everyone who visits you while using the browser wherein you installed the Alexa toolbar/extension.
  • Consider placing the Alexa Drop Hop button on your sidebar and help us get the word out.

While you're visiting other blogs, you can also review them on Alexa if time allows. If you choose to review my blog (click on the button below), let me know and leave me your URL so I can review your blog too!

Thanks for the help Abut Life!