Friday, September 23, 2011


I was asked to pick out a scar and explain how I got it, okay.... I am just like Lucy to know me is to love me, but never go along with anything thing that comes out of my mouth preceded with I know! I am like Lucille Ball when it comes to great ideas.

I have a V shaped scar on my left hand right under my little finger down by my wrist.

My best friend Becky had gone to Pennsylvania for two weeks and left me in charge of her mail and pets.
At the time she lived in Highland Park and I lived in Long Beach California (about an hour to an hour and a half drive one way) but I worked in down town Los Angeles so going to her home was not a big problem. For two weeks I went and fed the dogs (picked up the poo) brought in the mail and made sure everything was great. On the last night I left the keys in the house as planned , locked up and went home. Wellllllllll, upon arriving home Becky called , she wasn't coming home for 4 more days.... OOOOOHHHH NOOOOES! Was it a problem for me to continue for 4 more days since on the 4th day it was gonna be very late when she got in? Oh no problem says I...
So then Angie (my roommate)and I head to L.A. climb about 150 stairs(not an exaggeration) and then I have to scale a 6 foot chain link fence. I'm checking out the windows and doors, nope they are all locked... that is when my I KNOW! moment hit me. There was a sliding window by her front door, I'll just push up on it and it will unhook, I did it before when I locked myself out of my house, no biggie... except the pressure on the glass made it pop and next thing you know I'm standing there with a glass shard sticking out of my wrist. I'm bleeding all over,Angie is going nuts only she can't come over the fence because there are big dogs everywhere. Next thing I know, she is pulling off her top and tossing it over the fence, pull the glass out and wrap this around tight she screams!. HAHAHA, there she is my Angela angel standing on El Paso in her bra, So I toss her top back and say give me your bra instead, where she in shock I am sure whips it off and is there totally topless. I hear horns honking, omg! Well, getting in wasn't a problem after that, but it did cost me 125.00 for a repairman to come out and fix the window that late at night and the next days pay cause I had to go to the E.R. for stitches. Not to mention the blood and glass and all that we had to go back and clean up. So uh, yeah that is only one of my I know stories , but I got a bunch of them hahaha, my friends run when I say I KNOW!