Thursday, September 29, 2011

How They Say Thank You (Continued)

Military Freebies:

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This is a list of sites that offer freebies to military families:
Blue Star Flag

Get help from a professional tutor anytime you need it. FREE for eligible military service members in the Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force and their dependents. Tutors are online 24/7 and available to help in more than 16 subjects

The military is offering free, confidential self-assessments for veterans, service members and military families who may be experiencing stress or other unsettling feelings.

There were so many free military Fonts here is the Google link to them.

Veterans Ticket Foundation
If you are a Veteran or an Active Duty Military Member, then you’ll want to check out the Veteran Tickets Foundation. It is a national non-profit, non-governmental organization which honors Veterans and Active Duty Military. Through this foundation Veterans and Active Duty Military are able to attend sports events, concerts and more for FREE. 
* You must be Active Duty Military, Veteran or spouse of someone who was killed in action (KIA) in one of the five branches of the U.S. ARMED Forces: Coast Guard (including Reserves), Marine Corps (including Reserves), Air Force (including Air Guard and Reserves), Navy (including Reserves), or Army (including National Guard and Reserves).
* You may only have (1) one account per service member/family
* Only verified accounts can request tickets (it takes 3 business days to verify your status).
* Active Duty Military can be verified by using your .mil email address as your primary email below. A verification email will be sent to that email address that will require a response.
* All Veterans, Severely Wounded Veterans, Spouse of KIAs accounts are carefully manually verified before ticket request can be submitted.If you are interested in becoming a member of the Veteran Tickets Foundation, here’s where you go:Veteran Tickets Foundation

Free Stuff for Troops:

 free care packages. - Free computers for spouses or parents of deployed soldier in ranks E1 - E5. - free mail/gifts sent to children of deployed soldiers. - To sign up receive or sponsor soldier care packages for theater. - free shoebox care package. - free cookies. - free care packages, air fare discounts, family support. Support Our Troops
Free Assistance to Military Families - free books, DVD's, CD's. - daily prayer and scriptures. - free care packages (your family member signs up to have sent to you).
Free Care Packages From Operation Military Pride

Free Care Package From Scion

Here is a list of sites that may be helpful in finding more discounts and resources for military personnel and their families:

Disclaimer: Listings on this page does not imply endorsement by Bloggity Blog

cove haven, pocono palace, and paradise stream resorts give up to 40% discount

Chicago Gun Smith is exclusively for military members and dependents. 
This is just a few of the companies that offer discounts and help for military families.When I Googled Military Discounts the amount of businesses that popped up were so numerous I can not list them all.

There are 4 military resorts:
Shades of Green Orlando Florida
Shades of Green is a Disneyworld resort that only military/DOD can stay at. Rooms are large (and very nice), they are on Disney property and prices are cheapest! Not to mention the AAFES store on site and discounted tickets.
Hale Koa Waikiki, HawaiiEdelweiss Lodge and Resort Garmish, Germany