Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hopscotch Hands On Exhibit For The Blind

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blind? I did, as a Girl Scout Leader I always did a blind leading the blind activity. In this activity we we walked several blocks, prepared food, used a cane, had someone lead us about, we even put our shoes on and tied them.We visited the Braille institute, learned sign language on our palms and felt braille in books as well as elevator buttons. We did all this while wearing blindfolds. There is no way that a fully functioning person can understand the obstacles that handicaps cause people and we just don't think about it as we go through our daily routines that is why these little lessons are so important. It is through understanding that acceptance is gained. Most of the cruelties in our world  are caused by intolerance and ignorance.

So when I was asked to blog about Hopscotch's Hands on Exhibit For The Blind as a way to enter a contest, the only thing I can say is I would have done this with no incentives involved. The way blind people see is through their hands. This exhibit allows blind people to experience art by touch, they can see the face of their favorite celebrities and other historical figures by feeling them.All the portraits are 3D and accurate to the look of the person portrayed. Hopscotch is hoping to be able to add more portraits and to be able to take the exibit to more conventions.Hopscotch funds all this by selling jewelry and couture purses and needs our support.

For more information please visit:

About the Exhibit for the Blind:

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