Thursday, September 22, 2011

Had An Appointment With Dr Adams, The Ninja Syringe Artist! Today...

 I should take my camera and capture his facial expressions as he pulls out those syringes....wonder if he would let me take a picture.

Last December for the first time since learning I had cancer 6 years ago I thought I was dying, literally. I told my husband that I did not think I was going to be with the family when my birthday came around in April. And I planned an extra special Christmas, I knew it was going to be my last and I wanted to say goodbye in my own way. I wanted to be in full charge of my mind and body. Saying goodbye the other way would come in it's own time and I knew it was coming soon. I could not walk  by myself and I was in deep pain, the pain was everywhere. I felt my body shutting down on me.

My husband Rick, is a quiet man and never has much to say about anything so when he does I usually listen. He sometimes listens to me, this was one of those times that he did. With out telling me he went on a quest to find me the right Doctor. Since being diagnosed with Leukemia,my life has been in turmoil. It has been a series of chemo, Doctors, Nurses, hair loss and pain, always pain. Medications have caused me huge weight gains along with throwing me into withdraws and causing nothing less then psychotic episodes that won me the loss of life long friends. I have seen Doctors from one end of Nebraska to the other all with out much help, they all said that I needed to eat less so I would not gain weight and the rest was all in my head, take Prozac you nut! I was sent to Psychiatrists and Psychologists and was put on one med after another, each causing more weight gain and more issues. I no longer could drive a car and standing for more then 2 minutes was impossible. Leaving the house was something  I did only when I had to. I never tried the stairs unless someone was with me.When Rick ran out of the house forgetting to bring me a sandwich for lunch and supper, I went hungry until his return at 1:30-2A.M. Life Sucked... death would not be so bad really, because this was not life.

Then Rick came home and said he saw a flyer about a Doctor R.C. Adams in Norfolk, NE, he was a neurologist maybe we should go see him. What did I have to lose anyway? So we went, I did not expect much but I found a lot. When we walked in there was no one in the lobby... what kind of quack was he anyway patients? Within 5 minutes of arriving I was taken back to a room...hmmm this is the catch. I was going to sit here a while, but no sooner then when my pessimism showed up in my brain the nurse showed up at my door. She did her thing, vitals and all then was gone again. Two minutes later she was back. Come with me, you have some tests ready for you. I was led into a room with the biggest most overstuffed leather recliner that I have ever seen. I wanted to fall asleep in it but she immediately stuck probes on me and started shock treatment... OUCH! This she assured me,was to discover where my problems were. When she was done she said the Doctor would be in to finish the tests...ooh boy this was where the wait would be, but no, immediately in walked an always smiling, white coated very smartly dressed man who was wearing an oddly good looking, very vibrant shirt and mis-matched equally vibrant tie(he must own a hundred brightly colored shirts and ties). His name was Dr.Adams and would be doing the rest of the test...there would be needles involved...YIKES!

After the tests were completed, we were led to an examination room and the Doctor returned. He led me through a myriad of small agility tests, having me walk up and down the hall, stand on my toes/heals, touch my nose and touch his finger. Then he sat down and said, your in bad shape, but I can help you. I want you to plan what you are going to do in 10 years because, you will be here to enjoy it (had he read my mind?). Then he started to write out and sling instructions at me,along with a verbal barrage of things to do, eat, buy and change in my daily routine. He asked me if I was sad, I said yes and he said well, we will have to change that. Then started to write out prescriptions..oh great more medication. But this doctor doesn't just use chemicals he uses a wide mixture of herbs, medicine, soaps, lotions, mouthwash,foods, vitamins and small exercises to work his magic. He then said he would be back with some vitamins, they would be a must in my treatment. He was gone and back in a flash with the largest array of syringes I have seen since chemotherapy... I was not impressed and pretty scared. Chemo, blood draws, transfusions ,injections and pain each day for months, no years, has made me more then hesitant to want that many shots at one time again.Lean over and this will be over quick is all he said...the only thing I can compare what happened next to is a Ninja, this man was quick, proficient and I swear I heard YAHHHHHH before he started. Then pft,pft,pft,pft 4 shots, each in altering hips were in out and over with. The only pain was in the after affect of the contents.The best was saved for more injection, this would be done in my vein, sit down please which arm? Uhm left? Okay hold it straight, you won't have bruising this way. Then Dr. Adams inserted the needle with  no pain ,I felt nothing...yet. As he pressed the plunger quickly he said your gonna feel (FIRE!) a Slight sensation . What I felt was HOT,FIRE,RUSHING UP MY ARM,FIRE! Which then flew across my shoulder and up my neck and spread to my brain. Once there it switched to a million tiny pinches that felt almost like when your foot falls asleep but stronger and more painful....slight my _ _ _. Speaking of _ _ _es... the kind Dr. then said your going to feel (YOOOOOWWWIEEESSSSS) it in your groin. Too late for the warning Doc....yeah I know, says I. When this sensation hit my groin it slammed down my spine and hit me in the groin like a sledge hammer. This made me want to jump up and dance around the room, the feeling spread across my buttocks and then I tasted something metallic spreading around my mouth. You're going to taste something in your mouth...  give a girl the heads up .

Then the Doctor sat down and told me, that none of what I was going through was unusual, most people that have experienced chemotherapy go through exactly what I am going through. But he could help. He went on to answer some of my questions and explained things to me in a clear straight forward manner. I fell in love with this Doctor, for the first time in 6 years not only did I fully understand what was going on with me. I knew I was not a hypochondriac and I felt hope for the first time in a long time. I would return to see the Doctor every 2 weeks for the first 2 months and all the follow up visits have been quicker.

On my second visit he looked at my husband and said you don't look like you feel well, the next time you bring her make an appointment for yourself also.

Since then, Rick and I go see the doctor every 6 weeks, I have lost 50 pounds, I no longer use a walker to walk,I am driving (by myself!) again and I am walking up and down the stairs by myself. Each day I try to do at least one small chore around the house, because I am working on getting my life back. I am still in pain but it is getting better.

I would like to say the shots have ceased but no, I get them each and every time I go to see the Doctor. The Thorazine shot is still the most shocking I have ever had and I don't think I will ever get used to it. He has slowed down the speed which he uses to press the plunger and it seems worse, same affect but in slowwwww motion...much worse. 

Rick also gets shots, he gets 6, all the ones I do but he also gets testosterone. The kind Doctor won't give the Thorazine in Rick's vein, the receptionist says it's because men are weak and the shot makes them scream which scares other patients.But that since I could deal with it I get it in the vein because it works better that way. YAAY me!

At any rate, this Doctor is one of those special unsung hero's, he is one of God's Angels and he has helped my husband and I get back to our lives. I made it past my birthday, I still have my life... that's all I can say about it. I love this man,the Ninja Syringe Artist!