Wednesday, September 7, 2011



If you do then you defiantly want to read this post. When the kids were little we used to have regular game nights. We all loved the nights set aside for just us and no one else. I would make an array of finger foods we would either pop in a cd or two and get the games out. 

As the years went by parts and pieces disappeared  and sometimes reappeared in other places so I started a collection ... my futile hope was to get as many games back in one piece as possible. All I seemed to accomplish was to gather a couple jars and few huge bags of weird parts and pieces that no one can remember.

Since my daughter got married and my son is 27  the chances that they will ever move back home is pretty low. Family nights are a thing of the past, my husband works nights and the children live 2 hours away in the city. So I decided to make them take the stuff, we cleaned out and uncluttered movies, magazines, books and the games.... I have dreams of one day being a grandmother so I did not get rid of everything. I had a few games from my childhood and I kept those. But their games I divided up. Plus we tossed a few, I wish I had known about this great offer then.


I Great Games Trade-In is here recycle and up grade games. Through the month of  September, visit to print up to $83 in coupons and prepaid shipping labels, which you use to send in your old games to Recyclebank .There are 22 Great Games Trade-In coupon offers that can be redeemed at retail stores nationwide through October 9.


 On September 28,  families across America are being asked to turn it all off and spend time with your family playing games. Hasbro wants to help everyone in America create this special and important time, and is supplying great savings on new games to ensure this year’s National Family Game Night is a success in every home!


By printing a prepaid shipping label from during the Great Games Trade-In and pledging to recycle your old game, you can earn points with Recyclebank and eventually cash in these green points for retail rewards. Recyclebank has partnered with a materials recovery center to ensure everything received will be disposed of in accordance with industry standards. 
For more information on recycling and how you can make it an everyday part of your family’s life, please visit


K said...

Do you need special paper to print to ship them out thanks again love this post

Kim said...

I think that all you need to do is print out the labels on regular paper. I always use packing tape to secure them on. I suppose you could use glue on the back also :) Thanks for the comments!