Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doggy says YUMMMM!

Okay I hate to admit it but I spoil my pets... the dogs more then the cat's although I do get the cats
mice by the cheese wedge boxful...
Zanies Cheese Wedge... when you say MOUSE to the cats, their ears perk up and they pay attention! hahaha.

But the dogs, I really spoil them. I buy them toys and bake them treats. I even bought a cook book dedicated to dog treats along with bone and cat shaped cookie cutters so I could make them  gourmet treats.
When I go to Lincoln I stock up in these delectable doggie treats from Petco. The look and smell like people cookies and I have to make sure I keep them separated. Shown are carob chip cookie, Sandwich cream filled cookie, oatmeal cookie and spice cookie. Rick and I tasted one of the sandwich cream cookies and I have to tell you that they taste wonderful also!

Because I am such a doggie treat nut when I see offers like this I do copy them and I will be baking them up soon!

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