Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cappello's Sicilian Style Spaghetti Sauce

120 Year Sicilian Family Recipe dating back 3 generations from our family's small farm village in Vittoria, Sicily. Each 32 oz. jar is made with the freshest ingredients and slowly cooked to perfection We are personally taking orders:
For :
32 oz Classic Pasta Sauce with Italian Sweet Sausage
32 oz Spicy Pasta Sauce with Italian Spicy (hot) Sausage 
Pricing with Sausage: 1 jar $9.00 2 jars $8.50 ea 5 jars $8.00 ea
Pricing With NO Sausage: 1 jar $8.00 2 jars $7.50 ea 5 jars $7.00 ea
Order your's at  cappello.sauce@gmail.com or loca9876@live.com

I have not tried this sauce yet, and in fact I just ordered it for myself and my children for the first time. I do know one of the owners and have known her for a very long time. We were girls together. I suspect that this is an excellent sauce and I will let you know what I think of it when it get's here. If packaging speaks for it, this sauce is going to be good!