Friday, September 16, 2011


I was very sceptical when I first started to see this offer so much so that I did not tell anyone about it
nor did I send off for it. I had the wait and see attitude on it. I am seeing multiple posts from various
bloggers that did take advantage of this offer. They are all saying the same thing that this is a wonderful offer and that the company does a beautiful job on the pictures.

This offer is for a FREE 8x10 canvas from the Canvas People. I say it is almost free because you do have to pay the S&H.. Here is their available offers:
Canvas People will turn your favorite photo into a FREE 8 x 10 canvas or get $50 toward any size canvas, just pay shipping and handling ($14.95).  You can also save 50% off each additional canvas!

I checked it out and it is easy to do. you download your picture, pick the size you want. You also have the option to have it framed(or not), you pick any special affect you might like  then you decide if you want to do another picture at 50% off:
Here is the size chart:

Select Your Size

High Demand!Please allow 7 additional days for shipment

Best Value!

Keep in mind that if you wanted anything larger then the 8x10 you do get 50% off these prices.
I ran through the whole process to make sure and here is the bill:

 Order Details       Order Details       Price     Quantity Savings      Subtotal
Canvas 1            1 Size : 8x10        $49.99        $49.99                   $0.00

 Shipping & Handling

 Total $14.95

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